Hello, I'm Tom Hiddleston. I'm an actor, brother, friend, reader, and Shakespeare fanatic. I'm so very excited to speak with you all, and I am positively delighted to be here.
Verses to play in =
Main Verse: Tom is Loki who was banished to Midgard, after a massive head injury he retained his memory and power, but still likes his mortal life.

M!A: None.
----Tom Hiddleston RP blog.
“Oh my…” He blushed and bowed before the actor, “It seems we’ve the same idea. An honor to meet you Sir Hiddleston.” [asjghhd what. you are so much more than I.]

"Oh, it’s just Tom or Thomas, darling. Whichever you prefer, and the honour is mine, I assure you." He smiled at him again, and bowed in return.