Hello, I'm Tom Hiddleston. I'm an actor, brother, friend, reader, and Shakespeare fanatic. I'm so very excited to speak with you all, and I am positively delighted to be here.
Verses to play in =
Main Verse: Tom is Loki who was banished to Midgard, after a massive head injury he retained his memory and power, but still likes his mortal life.

M!A: None.
----Tom Hiddleston RP blog.

Hospital Beds/ Loki & Tom

It took Tom a while to get to the hospital but once he found it he rushed in. He was quickly brought to the proper room, with no questions on relation at all, which was odd but he guessed desperate times. He wasn’t sure how to handle this, what was wrong he would have to just let the God explain, it wasn’t the first time his life was almost lost. He knocked gently on the door, before entering. “Loki?”